« Five book that amaze me in 2016! »

« Five book that amaze me in 2016! »

In 2016, I read a lot in english, so it’s only fair that I write this article in that language. I  was blown away by some of the books I read and I want to share it with you guys . So let  begin!!!

5. Razing grace 1 & 2 by Amor Jones

This not my usual reading, yet i still fell for it. Hard.  Amo Jones makes me crave for dark, terrifiant and possessive  book boyfriend.  She makes me found them excuses, love them and crave them. If a bad guy with a huge ego and alpha manner don’t scare you this book is for you, after Tripp/Raze is done with you, trust me you are going to ask for more.

4. Fractures by M.R Field

This one was mind blowing in every way. I fell so hard for Trinity, for what she stands for, for the way she love and care. And Theo is the apotheose of what I call a lover. I mean the kind who makes you feel like you are so special, so unique that even when you don’t actually believe it you just start to. This story about two best friends who finally accept their love for each other after finding their self first is so inspiring and so touching. We all need a little bit of hope.

3. Dirty by Belle Aurora

OMG!!! After ‘Razing Grace’ i begin to fall for another kind of love story, the one where heroes are unapologetic bad and make me want more. So while reading this i scream, jump, and ask myself loud how… How is this possible? How? This book is amazing and I can’t wait to read the next chapter of this family, I still have to find time so I  can read the first book ‘Raw’.

2. Going Under by Lexi Ryan

I talk so much about this author than my close friend and sister know her without even reading any of her books. I don’t just like her book, but how authentic and real she is. Trust me when I say I could write a whole paragraph about her and still have something to say. Now let get to this book, I love the Blackhawk series. I mean, if you didn’t have a proper introduction to them you are missing something. They are handsome, football player (that mean hot stuff), gentlemen, player, good looking and absolutely amazing people (yes I know they are not real). Sebastien Crowe just made it impossible for me to stay put and not fall for him. One last thing, ask me later if he still my favorite because the other boy: Keegan, who’s book is out already out and Mason, who is going to be live in September are so ready to steal my heart so watch out Seb.

1. Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

And finally the number one of my list. I was just scrambling my Instagram feed when i came across a quote from this author. So I track down her book and her writing totally swept me off my feet. I can count how many times I read it and it’s always feels like the first time. This book is all you need not just to feel good about yourself, but to heal and love every bit of yourself no matter how bad thing look and feel like at the time. I will leave you with some quote from it.

 »For you to see beauty here does not mean there is beauty in me it means there is beauty rooted so deep within you you can’t help but see it everywhere. »

 »It takes grace to remain kind in cruel situations. »

« Stay strong trough your pain grow flowers from it you have helped me grow flowers out of mine so bloom beautifully dangerously loudly bloom softly however you need just bloom »

I hope you love these reviews and if you do don’t hesitate to check them online on how to purchase them. I will love to ear from you too, what is you favorite books and why.


M. A.



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